Coursework – sociology

– Short answers 

6.        Discuss the definitions and the importance and implications of:

                       a.        Instinct

                       b.        Reflexes and drives

                       c.        Culture and language

           Give an example of each.



7.        Define:

a.        Ethnocentrism

b.        Cultural relativity (relativism).

Discuss how these might affect racism, prejudice, and discrimination. Use specific examples.



8.        Define minority group. Then choose one of the examples studies and trace historically some of the problems and experiences encountered by this group in the United States. Be specific.


9         Describe personality development according to

a.                  Mead

b.                 Cooley                                                                                According to their opinions, could personality emerge even if the individual were reared in isolation? Why or why not?



10.      Define the following terms and give an example of each as they apply to your life.

a.        Ascribed status                      c.        Role

b.        Achieved status                     d.        Role conflict



11.      With the current debate centering on immigration, please address the        following:

                       a.        Define immigration

                       b.        Briefly discuss the theories of Malthus with respect to                                                        population/migration. Was Malthus correct? Why or why not?


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