1) Describe and discuss the phases of criminal justice and the basic drug offenses.

2) Create an original, fictional, and hypothetical scenario taking a drug offender from arrest all the way through to post sentence service.

3) Discuss the potentially positive and/or negative impacts of mandatory sentencing and mass incarceration.

4) What interested you the most in slides 1-10 for Chapter 5 and the accompanying lecture? Why is precision so important when labeling drug evidence?  What are two things you learned from the lecture that you would not have learned simply by looking at the PowerPoint slides?

5) What did you find most interesting about Video #7, and what do you think would be some of the most challenging aspects of working drug interdiction on a major highway?

6) What did you find most interesting about Video #8, and what do you think are some of the most common hiding places for contraband in a modern vehicle?


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