criminal research

  1. In a 3- to 4-page paper, address the following:
    • Part I - review the session in Chapter 4 entitled “What is Recidivism?” on page 83. From that discussion, you are to:
      • Write your own conceptual and operational definitions for recidivism.
      • Summarize how Fabelo proposes to measure recidivism.
      • Discuss possible reliability and validity issues associated with Fabelo’s proposed measure.
    • Part II (a) - select one of the types of crimes listed: gang-related crime, hate-crime, terrorism, and drug-related crime. Based on your selected crime, develop conceptual and operational definitions of your chosen crime.
    • Part II (b) - locate a scholarly research article that utilizes, discusses, or otherwise relates to the type of crime you have chosen in Part II (a) and address the following:
      • Evaluate the research questions, research design, measures, reliability, & validity of the study. Make sure to cite the study (in-text and full reference citation).
      • Provide a pdf full-text version of the scholarly article you located with your essay.
      • Your response should be detailed and supported by appropriate reference sources.


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