Critical Reflection

 1) Jane S. is a three year, loyal, and competent staff member who has just returned from a 12-week family leave to care for her hospitalized child, who is now in day care. As a single mother, she indicates that she is exhausted and that she cannot continue to carry the full responsibilities of the job. As a supervisor of the unit, you have the responsibility to assign large caseloads to your staff. How would you handle this situation with her?

2) Jay F. is a 55-year old employee, has worked for your agency for the past 10 years. Within the past 9 months, his work performance has begun to deteriorate: He is coming in late almost every day, he is consistently behind in his reports, and a few clients have called you to say that he seems disinterested in their problems. As his supervisor how would you handle the situation with him?

3) You have just hired a recent honors graduate who has good references. Her reports are well written and she is obviously bright and intellectually well prepared. She seems to be doing well as a counselor. Her only problem is that she trends to be arrogant and supercilious with her colleagues, and they in turn are complaining to you about her superior attitude. How would you deal with this?

4) As a manager at Noah’s Ark supervising several units provide services to low-income families and seniors, you have received notification that one of the larger grants that has funded these services will not be renewed. That will most likely result in layoffs and the termination of services to clients. Prepare a memo (1-page) to announce that this issue to the staff and develop an approach to plan for the changes that are being made


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