Current Topics in Hospitality Analytics

Current Topics in Hospitality Analytics:  This assignment provides an opportunity to examine important trends and developments that will likely impact the future of revenue management in the hospitality industry.

After reading the AHLAS STATE OF THE HOTEL INDUSTRY 2022 (attachment provided) submit a Summary and Reflection paper that includes your summary and reflecttion of the Foreword and one other section (your choice:  Travel Readiness Trending Positively, but Remaining Volatile; Hospitality Outlook 2022; Meet the “New Traveler”; Technology Trends to Watch; or Big Bets ) of the report.

  • A summary of the key points addressed..
  • Your comments/reflections as to the implications of the points raised in the article relative to the future of the hospitality industry (from your own perspective as a current/future manager).

Your submission should be 1 to 2 pages total; double spaced with standard margins and 12 point font.


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