Curriculum Web

For this week’s assignment, we will focus on a well known children’s book by Eric Carle called The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  If you aren’t familiar with the book, or if you’d like to watch Eric Carle read the book, check out this clip:

For this assignment, you will design a curriculum web, or brainstorming tool that uses this book as a "theme".  You will need to brainstorm three lesson ideas for the following subject areas:  art, math, science and language/literacy.  

If you’ve never used a curriculum web before, it is a handy tool to get started on writing curriculum for any age group.  You can write one using a book (as we are for the assignment this week) or you can choose a theme for the center of your planning.Check out the image of a curriculum web using the theme of "birds" if you have never seen a thematic web before:

Keep in mind this is only a brainstorming beginning, and often teachers will write the individual lesson plans after they have drawn out a web.

How to construct your web for this assignment:  begin the design by using the book title (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) as the center of your web. This can be handwritten or computer generated.  In the center circle, list the title and author of the book, and then brainstorm activity or lesson ideas that are related to the book. Do not worry about age appropriateness, or having to actually conduct the lesson ideas or activities–just brainstorm at minimum 12 ideas that could stem from the book.


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