CYB 320 University of Phoenix WK2 System Center 2012 Private Cloud Paper

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Assignment Content

  1. The director of IT has indicated that the board of directors is compiling a corporate portfolio on ethics and has asked all departments to contribute information on how a code of ethics impacts daily decisions. The director of IT has asked for you to help by providing an example.
    Using the links provided, research at least 2 of the following codes of ethics:

    Write a 1- to 2-page ethical choice example using Microsoft® Word. Complete the following in your document:

    • Reflect on ethical considerations for each type of data involved (e.g., active directory user information, reporting information, logs). Explain how to apply your knowledge of ethical theories to decisions you would make as a security administrator for System Center 2012.
    • Select 2 of the codes of ethics you researched and quote the items you would use in your corporate code of ethics. Explain how they would help you implement ethical choices when working as an administrator of System Center 2012 Active Directory user information, reporting information, and logs.

    Cite any references to support your assignment.
    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
    Submit your assignment.


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