Data Visualization with Tableau


Download the file “Transactions data  Download Transactions data”. This data comes from a chain of women’s apparel stores operating throughout the country. Recently, the chain ran a promotion in which discount coupons were sent to some of its customers. The file contains data collected for a sample of 100 in-store credit card transactions during one day while the promotion was running. Some clarification on the variables:

  • Type of customer: Customers who made a purchase using a discount coupon are referred to as promotional customers and customers who made a purchase but did not use a discount coupon are referred to as regular customers.
  • Items: The total number of items purchased
  • Net Sales: The total amount ($) charged to the credit card
  • Method of payment: Here “Proprietary Card” refers to charges made using the credit card offered by the chain.

You would like to use this data to evaluate the promotion involving discount coupons and learn about the chain’s customer base.

Files to submit: 

  • A Tableau Packaged Workbook:  .twbx

Part A.

There may be multiple correct ways to create a visualization for the questions below. The grade will reflect the choice of the chart (good or bad choice), its appearance, and how well it communicates the data.

  • Do not forget to title properly each visualization and to play with marks to add detail to the visualization whenever appropriate.
  • Enrich the visualizations by playing with filters or marks. I leave it up to your judgment how to enrich it. Explore Tableau and try different things to see how it affects the chart. Just make sure to keep it easy to read, and not cluttered or messy.

Create a worksheet for each of the following tasks:

    1. Create a visualization that shows the total net sales per type of customer.
    2. Create a visualization that shows the number of transactions per number of items purchased. 
    3. Create a visualization that shows the number of transactions per net sales (divided in bins) and per gender.
    4. Create a visualization of a bar chart showing the number of transactions per method of payment. Make sure the bars are sorted by the number of transactions (ascendingly or descendingly, you choose).
    5. Create a visualization of a scatter chart to explore the relationship between net sales and customer age. Add a filter for marital status.
    6. Create a visualization that allows you to communicate the customers’ demographics (gender, age, and marital status). You can use filters or any marks.

Part B.

You are going to create a dashboard that communicates important aspects of the transactions data:

    • Your dashboard must have at least 4 components.
    • Make sure your dashboard is organized and visually clean (avoid clutter).
    • It is up to you to decide what should go in the dashboard and in what format. What is important for me is that whatever you do makes sense and displays relevant information in a suitable format.


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