Death and Dignity Law

Combined Law and Ethics Scenario (2-5 pages)

You are the administrator of a comprehensive cancer treatment center in a state that recently passed a Death with Dignity Law. A patient in the hospital has been told by her physician that she probably has 6 to 8 months to live and that she will be partially paralyzed within 2 months and completely paralyzed within 4 months. The patient is 85 years old and competent. She has told you that she would like to “end it all” and take advantage of the death with dignity law. The patient has requested the assistance of your institution. Her daughter is very opposed to this idea. Her son is supportive. 

Prepare a memo to the file outlining how you will proceed in the case and the reasons for your decision. The memo should (1) Identify any facts or additional research you would like to complete before reaching a decision and why you believe the additional facts and research are necessary;(2) Identify the assumptions you will be making, if any, in the absence of any missing facts to enable you to make your decision and craft a strategy (3) Identify the legal and ethical issues (4) Provide a well-reasoned justification for your position, addressing alternate points of view.


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