DECISION-MAKING EXERCISE- Using Debonos Six Thinking Hats model


In this exercise, you will make a decision to resolve a currentworkplace problem. Using Debonos Six Thinking Hats model:

1.     Select acurrent workplace problem where a decision must be made.

2.     Analyze theselected issue using the worksheet. 

3.     Based on youranalysis, submit a report that you would give to your senior manager statingthe issues and recommendations for consideration. The report should include:

       Backgroundof the organization

       Descriptionof the workplace and problem/decision

       Detaileddescription of the decision-making model 

       SixThinking Hats application of the model

       Recommendationsfor improvement

Your paper should be 1000-1250words, in APA format, and use at least two current references in support of therecommendations, preferably peer-reviewed sources.


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