demonstrate an awareness of fraudulent transactions by exploring a fraud case study

In this assignment, you are asked to review the attached case study of NW Supplies, Inc. Gain understanding of the issues, participants, potential fraudulent transaction(s), and what weakness(es) that permitted the potential fraud to succeed and how you could prevent it.

Summarize your understanding and provide proper referencing.

Assignment Tasks:

1.       For your selected fraud, please answer the following:

a)       provide a summary of the potential fraud including who was involved to gain an understanding of the issues to and to present those issues in your report

b)      identify any weaknesses that permitted the potential fraud to succeed

c)       identify how it was it could be prevented and

d)      identify how you would investigate it, who you would interview.

It is important that you clearly indicate which of the four items you are answering by using headers. If this is not done no credit will be given for any sections not clearly labelled.


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