The topic should focus on a specific case and be associated with one or two locations. For
example, the subject human impact on desertification is too general. The subject
desertification in the Aral Sea and local weather change is appropriate.
should follow accepted academic conventions (title page, abstract, introduction, subheadings,
statement, conclusion, bibliography, etc.)
Tables and diagrams must be used where appropriate (at least one figure and one table. The
source(s) must be indicated). Figure/Table caption is required (e.g., Table 1 and Fig. 1).
Citations should follow the format in the textbook (Course Reader I (Relevant Chapters from
The Human Impact). Course Reader II (Relevant Chapters from The Global Casino)).
The structure of final paper should follow this format:
Abstract (1/3-1/2 page);
Introduction (less than one page);
Main text (including description and discussions of major results);
Summary (about 0.5 page);
Note: Do not use Main Text as the real title.
You need to point out the main data source(s) if it is from some
papers or websites in Introduction, or text.
At least 4 references (at least one from Reader/textbook or class


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