Watch the film Social Dilemma on Netflix and answer ANY three the following questions with a minimum of 150 words each:

1) What are some things that stood out to you while watching the film? Why?

2)  Where do you typically get your new sources from? After watching the film, do you think you were being manipulated to consume certain types of news? Why/why not? Defend your answer.

3)  Based on what the film provides, do you believe social media and other automated systems can influence the outcomes of local and or federal elections? Why or why not?

4) What are some whys in which social media "socializes" us politically? Can they be more powerful than other institutions such as schools, or even families? Why?

5) Drawing from concepts put forth in Chapter 6 of P&C, is it the government’s duty to regulate billion dollar companies like Facebook and/or Amazon? Why/Why not? Please give examples for the chapter to outline your argument. 


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