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DiscussionBoard on Ethical Issues in Research

Regarding DB #2


Whenever you evaluate ethical questions, issues, or dilemmas,you will be asking two fundamental questions: What is good?  What must be done?


The first question uncovers what is valued, such as honesty,freedom, fairness, privacy, etc.  Thegood may be different for each party who is dealing with the ethical issue.The second question specifies the action that the person is obligated to takein order to honor that which is valued. For example, if the good is honesty,to  be virutuous, one must always tellthe truth.


In your studies in ETHICS you learned the principlesassociated with four ethical theories: deontology, teleology (consequentialism), virtue, and caring. Theprinciples from a particular ethical theory are applied to answer the twoquestions. You will recall that, sometimes, the answers will vary acrosstheories. Which theory might support the claim that one can “tell a lie ifthe truth might hurt someone.”


Research ethics is normative in that it is the application ofethical principles to actions. When you read about research ethics noticehow writer applies the principles of beneficence, justice, and autonomy. Thesevalues guide the research process.


The published studies or any kind will often simply state,IRB approval was obtained. This statement implies that the study adequatelyconsidered and satisfactorily answered those two fundamental questions. Lookfor ways that they are asked and answered in the Common Rule and regulationsdescribed by our IRB.


**********For DB#2 remember to ADD substantivecontent to the discussion when you respond.


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