Discussion Module 6 – Alcohol-Associated Cognitive Impairment

Alcohol is certainly prevalent in our society, and the general population is getting older as people live longer.  Please post a thoughtful reaction about the issue of Alcohol-Associated Cognitive Impairment to the Discussion Board.  Your post can discuss something that you learn more about by doing further research, it can discuss your views of our society in reference to the topic in general, or it can be based on your relevant experience through friends, family, etc. To receive credit, your post must: 1) relate to the topic of alcohol-associated cognitive impairment, 2) be thoughtful, 3) be an appropriate length, and 4) be well written (proper spelling, grammar, etc.).  Please submit this exercise by the deadline of 11:59pm on Sunday 02/20/2022.


Discussion Board Exercises (10%). Some course modules will include exercises in which students will be asked to post comments to the course Discussion Board. Each of these posts should include at least one or two paragraphs of narrative (approximately 200 words or more). Each will be graded based on its thoughtfulness/reflection, grammar, and the degree to which it conforms to the instructions provided in the assignments instructions. They must be submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday of the week they are due. Discussion Board posts cannot be completed late; students will not receive any credit for completing them late unless they have received advance permission from the instructor. Grades on Discussion Board Exercises will count for a total of 10% of the final overall course grade.


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