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The following is the instructions:

This week, we’ve reviewed the intersection of training, enrichment and natural history in exhibit design. We’ve discussed why this intersection is so important, and reviewed some elements that can ensure a functional, enjoyable atmosphere for animals and humans alike.

For this week’s Discussion, I would like you to evaluate a truly exceptional exhibit in terms of training, enrichment, natural history, welfare, and visitor experience. You may search the ZooLex website, draw on your own experiences from your local facility, or search the internet for remarkable exhibit spaces. Hint: the AZA confers “Exhibit Awards” each year to institutions that have really done this right. Feel free to peruse the AZA website (www.aza.org (Links to an external site.)) and use their award system as a basis for your search. 


A large part of what zoos, aquariums, and animal centers do is connect our guests to the animals in our care. We do this most effectively by telling stories. So, imagine that you are a journalist covering the opening of a brand new exhibit space at your local zoo. Tell a story about that exhibit. Consider not only the who, what, when, why and how, but also what surprised you about the exhibit? What can guests learn from it? Be sure to discuss these factors in terms of the enrichment and training opportunities, as well as the natural history of the species. And don’t forget to include an attention-grabbing headline! 


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