Do cities benefit economically by hosting the Olympics?

          The most important part of the project is making a solid claim on the topic and supporting the claim with evidence. Imagine that you are a sports organization manager who persuades stakeholders that the Olympics are necessary or not necessary.     
1) The introduction
          – background (historical overview of the Olympics.
          – Identifies supporting arguments (present a position statement between agree or disagree).
      2) Provide the evidence 
          – the reasons why you agree or disagree with the statement.
          – statistical evidence (e.g., input-output; economic profit or loss).
          – previous examples of successes or failures (e.g., news articles or academic research)
      3) Conclusion
          – provide a summary and highlights of your idea. 
      * The minimum page, the APA style (i.e., double-spaced on standard-sized paper, 12pt., Times New Roman font). 


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