Do videogames really the ones responsible for causing violence in the world?

Format: MLA Style, which means


One-inch margins on all sides

            Pages numbered in upperright corner

            On first page only inupper left corner put: your name, course, professor, date

            Title should becentered on first page above text

            Font: 10 or 12 pointTimes New Roman or similar font. No large fonts, ie: Courier

            In-text citationsgenerally follow the format of: quoted material in here (author pg#).

Do not full-justify or right-justify thetext

            Print on only one sideof the page and bind with a staple in the upper left corner


Audience/Style: Your audience is your classmates and professor,you may use some

degree of informality, personalpronouns such as I & you are permitted.


Length: 3-5 pages


Purpose: Convince the reader that youve chosen a topic foryour semester-long research project that can sustain an excellent originalessay.


Assignment: To construct a blueprint for your researchproject.


  • Display the ability to think critically.


  • Use both external and internal description.


  • Explain why youre interested in learning more about this topic (note: you should not yet have a position on your topic; you havent done the research yet).


  • Exhibit an enthusiasm for your subject.
This is an Issue Proposal assignment. Please include sources at the end. Thanks.


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