Does the type of job that the respondents work in influence their opinion on how effective they think AI technology is in the workforce and do they prefer it?

You will identify which research question you are addressing for your paper. Each group member will choose a different research question to address in their paper. If, and only if, you submit this by the early due date, you will get feedback to make changes. Late submissions will be penalized – two points per day. Remember, a literature review is not merely a summary of each article, you must organize and discuss the articles thematically. Any literature review with article by article summaries will receive no more than 10/30 points. In the literature review, you provide the reader with current research on the topic and show how your study will add to what is currently known on the topic. Do not use more than one or two short direct quotes.
Begin with a statement identifying your research question followed by a review of the previous research on this (or closely related topics), citing at least four journal articles (peer reviewed scholarly articles.) 
2 pages Double spaced
12 point font
1 inch margins
name only as header on all pages after the title page. 


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