DPU Key Theme Chapter VI Of the component Parts of Price of Commodities Paper

In your final papers, you are required to give philosophical and critical responses to one of the texts that we have been reading throughout the quarter. As such, they are neither mere summaries of the text, nor a collection of subjective feelings. Instead, they are rigorous responses to a text based on your own thoughts and feelings, expressed in one of the following ways:

1.by relating an example, e.g. film, news article, literature, philosophical inquiry, etc., to the text. Here, you should be able to clarify the problem given in the text by using examples.

2.by raising questions and doubts about the text in relation to an example, e.g. film, news article, literature, philosophical inquiry, etc. You may question the claims given in the text as well. Here, you should be able to present the claim clearly and then raise critical questions by using an example.

You may extend one of your reflection papers or combine 2 of them for this assignment. If you choose to do so, you should remember that your paper is still required to follow the guideline for this assignment. 


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