DRA 42A Alvin Alley American Dance Theater Chroma Grace Takademe 2015 Essay

DRA 42A Beginning Ballet

Performance Observation and Reflection

Basic Ideas and Guidelines for your Essay

2 pages, double spaced, 12 font

Final Essay #2


Review a Professional Production of a Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, or Modern Dance and include when it was performed

  • Identify the Work/Title, the Company, Theatre or Performance Venue, and the Choreographer(s)
  • Note if the performance was a story ballet or abstract piece of choreography and the date it was originally choreographed
  • With your overview, describe what you saw on stage. Theatrical effects, lighting, sets, scenery or costumes
  • What was the setting/location? What was the period? For instance Current, Victorian or Medieval
  • Was there a plot or choreographic theme repeated throughout the work?
  • Could you follow the story through the choreography or did you need to reference the summary or synopsis
  • Was there a particular dancer(s) that interested you? Was the choreography well suited to his or her technique or acting skill?
  • Did the company or group work well together? Musically, were the dancers well-rehearsed?
  • Did the choreography fit the musical phrases or did the steps seem unsuited to the music?
  • Did the choreography allow you to understand the musical composition more clearly?
  • Was the choreography new, unusual, and interesting, or was it predictable, dry, and unmoving?
  • Did the choreography address topics such as the human spirit and temperament, or was the choreography used to make a broad social commentary?
  • Observe the different choreographic patterns and the way dancers are moved on and offstage. Could you recognize lines, diagonals, groups in a swirling manner or curl?
  • Emotionally, did the choreography and story ‘speak’ to you.
  • Explain how you felt watching the piece and how you felt when it was finished. Were you joyful or sad? Were you uneasy, disturbed, uplifted, or optimistic?
  • Did you have a favorite scene or Act? Why?
  • If you watched a repertoire evening, (several pieces in the same performance), mention your favorite(s). Were the pieces well chosen to complement each other choreographically and musically?
  • If a choreographic concept was not well understood, what would have made it more accessible to an audience?
  • A brief description of the plot is sufficient. If you chose to write about a classical ballet (Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, etc.) or other well known work, I’m familiar with most of the storylines. If you wrote about a Modern piece for the midterm, try another style. Perhaps Contemporary or Classical.

These are a few broadly defined ideas or questions to ask and write about. It’s not necessary to critic or analyze corrections to technique and artistry.

Requirements: Analytical Review | 2 pages, Double spaced


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