Drug Pricing presentation

 – In your presentation you will need to introduce the issue, explain the importance of the issue, explain the relevance to health care delivery, discuss your findings on the topic, explain the relevance to patients, and finish with a conclusion and some recommendations for the future. 

– You need to cite any information that you use. Use the APA citation format.
– You need to use at least 5 sources/references. Using less than 5 means you haven’t done enough research. Two of the sources need to be from a peer-reviewed journal.
– You also need to cite the source of tables and/or graphs (if applicable).
– If you are using abbreviations or acronyms in the text, graphs, or tables write the complete name/meaning as a footnote or legend.
– The presentation must have a minimum of 10 slides but no more than 15 slides. 


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