Early Intervention: Saving Children from crime life Policy Issue and Solution

This assignment empowers you, the scholar, to reflect on a specific problem within law enforcement and offer probable solutions. The paper must focus on policy analysis regarding Correctional Policy. 

APA headers must be current APA Level 1 headings for Problem, Significance, and Solution.
The subthemes of the solution section must contain current APA Level 2 headings or beyond.

All references must be academic/peer-reviewed sources. 

You must meet the criteria below:
1.  Identify an issue that needs to be addressed.

2. Discuss the problem in a few brief paragraphs.
3.Discuss the significance of the problem (the significance discussion must contain many of your references). The significance section of the paper must contain why the issue is significant, what is being done by other departments or agencies, what law is applicable, and any other issues that can be identified as significant. This significance section of the paper must be thorough and leave no additional questions.
4.  Propose a solution in the form of policy or guidance toward a policy. The solution must involve a minimum of 3 choices: do nothing, incremental approach, and full mplementation. The solution section of the paper must have enough of an explanation of the solution so that an executive would be able to make an informed decision from your explanation. The solution must also have sub-themes. Some subthemes are: impact on department, impact to external stakeholders, and impact to budget. There may be other sub-themes in addition to or in replacement of those listed above.
5.  Must have a section relating how a Christian worldview does or may change potential proposed solutions. This must be a section and not merely a sentence or two.


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