ECN201 | Topic: Demand, Supply, Markets and Elasticity

The most exciting part about Microeconomics is the application, not just what you read in a textbook.

Choose any podcast related to this modules microeconomics topic, then choose a specific current episode of that podcast. Your reference will be the name of, and link to, your chosen podcast. As you listen to your chosen podcast, pay particular attention to any discussion relating to Demand, Supply, Markets and Elasticity.

After listening to the podcast, answer the following questions:

  • What important new knowledge did you learn?
  • How did this new knowledge relate to microeconomic theories explored in this module, such as demand, supply, markets and elasticity?
  • What experiences do you have with the topic(s) covered in the podcast?


Examples of acceptable economic oriented podcasts include:

  • EconTalk;
  • Freakonomics;
  • CATO Daily Podcast;
  • The Sound of Economics;
  • NPRs Marketplace series (some daily and some weekly);
  • NPRs Planet Money;
  • Weekly Economics Podcast; and
  • Bloombergs Stephanomics, to name just a few.
  • Notes:
    Please remember that, in the discussion, it is important that you add your personal comments, in addition to summarizing the podcast you chose. It is not enough to say what you heard. You must also analyze the material. In your reply to peers, share something new you learned from the podcast, how your peers podcast related to the podcast you chose, or how your experiences are similar or different from your peers experiences.


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