Educational Program

In at least 4 descriptive paragraphs (each paragraph will contain approx. 100 words each) or in other words, two pages of content write a summary of a four-part educational program, that addresses awareness by residents about terrorism in a municipality where you either live or work. Your program can include professional speakers, such as police, firefighters, first aid personnel, county, state, or federal personnel, etc. This project objective is to reflect your overall knowledge of course materials and your comprehension towards developing an educational "program/workshop" that would teach others about "terrorist/extremist awareness" and how they can stay safe and or report potential terrorist/extremist acts.

Four-part educational program for example – ( Part one – who is your audience, students, community leaders, business owners, etc. Part two – what type of awareness will you be teaching about, domestic terrorist, foreign terrorism, hate groups, etc. Part three – what will be your points discussed in your program, list all your developmental points and examples you will be reviewing and presenting to your target audience. Part four – what are your objectives and goals of this educational program (examples – deter, detect, report/to educate business owners on recognizing signs of terrorism. One (1) form of open-source information to review for assistance – (Links to an external site.)).  


One (1) form of open-source information to review for assistance - (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) 

Requirements will be at least 4 more references/sources in addition to your e-text for the entire research paper. Total 5 sources (at minimum) for this research paper submission.


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