Ems unit 7 project

Throughout the course, communication center-specific components such as radios, technology, emergency medical dispatching, interoperability, training, and human resources have been covered. This has provided the background necessary to conduct a risk assessment using a risk management chart to guide the development of effective policies and procedures for a communications center.
For this assignment, you will create a policy, procedure, guideline that assesses the level of risk for the six general areas of communication (administrative, communications, equipment, operations, response, and training) for a familiar communications center. The center you choose may be the one that you communicate with in the course of your professional duties or one located in your community if you do not routinely interact with one.
For each area, identify the risk level (i.e., high frequency, low severity, or low frequency, high severity) and a paragraph explanation. Include references to support your risk assessment. You are required to use at least one outside source.
Although the exact length of your project will vary, your completed document should be a minimum of two pages in length. References should be formatted in APA style. You must use sources beyond your textbook that are academically credible in nature to support your risk evaluation. Do not copy or paraphrase a policy, procedure, or guideline from an existing agency, including your own. Each submitted policy, procedure, or guideline should be an original that is developed by you specifically for this assignment.


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