ENC 1101 FSWSC Science Technology & Communication Meaning & Significance Discussion


The purpose of this assignment is to practice with the rhetorical, academic moves in the textbook, the “They Say, I Say” format, in order to compose a thesis and support it with evidence. In They Say, I Say, you are learning how to define what others are saying, as well as craft your own claims and engage in synthesis of sources as evidence in order to produce academic writing. For this essay, you will work on your skills in comprehension, analysis, summary/paraphrase/quotation, and supporting a thesis with evidence. You will also engage in some preliminary steps toward research.

Today’s employers place a lot of value on thinking critically, ethical judgment and integrity, intercultural skills, innovation, and a life-long desire to learn. One way to continue to learn outside of school, get exposure to new ideas, and hone your own position is by regularly reading, viewing, and listening to high quality material, as well as discussing it with others. In particular, for this essay you will be engaging with quality sources and making a claim using those sources as evidence in order to share your point of view with others. This assignment will allow you to organize your use of the templates in They Say, I Say, as well as show the progress you are making in the acquisition of academic skills and desirable professional qualities.

Academic Values: Critical Thinking, Critical Analysis, Discourse, Claims Based on Evidence, Close Reading, Synthesis, Documentation, Compare/Contrast


For this assignment, you will compose a rough draft and a final draft of an essay about a topic you think is significant and meaningful. You will use three sources gathered from the web or FSW databases in order to demonstrate your thesis and support it with evidence. You should anticipate “counter claims” (Chapter 6, They Say, I Say) when composing your assignment. Your topic can fall under any of these three areas: 1) Science and Technology, 2) Entertainment and Popular Culture, 3) History and Culture, or an interdisciplinary topic that spans areas. Here are some examples of professionally written articles (“mentor texts”)1 that share similarities with the purpose of this assignment:

The essay should identify a topic that you think is meaningful and significant, and compose a thesis statement supported by evidence (sources and your analysis) for why other people should pay attention. In order to satisfy the requirements for this assignment, you should complete the steps below.

  1. Compose a first draft of your essay. While your first draft does not have to be the full 900 words of the final draft, it should not be less than 600 words. Your first draft should include a working thesis, body paragraphs, and an outline of your conclusion. You will submit your rough draft to Canvas for peer review. During the peer review workshop period, you will be giving and receiving feedback on your essay.
  2. After you have received feedback on your draft during the workshop period, you should make a revision plan. Your revision plan should identify key areas for improvement and identify specific actions you will take to revision your essay. You should enter those specific actions into your calendar between the workshop and the due date.
  3. Revise your response essay based upon the feedback you received in the draft workshop. Make sure your essay has an original title. Submit your final draft by the due date.

Example Student Essay


Drafting Workshop and Revision

  • The writer participates in the drafting workshop and has a draft of at least 600 words.
  • The writer participates constructively in the draft workshop period by giving thoughtful feedback to his or her peers.
  • The writer takes notes on his or her Revision Plan.
  • The writer makes a revision plan with a specific calendar based upon the feedback he or she receives.
  • The writer demonstrates a sound process of drafting and revision.

Final Draft

  • The writer has composed a strong introduction and thesis statement (Intro-Ch. 7).
  • The writer uses summary, paraphrase, and/or some quotation appropriately in his or her use of sources (Chapters 2 and 3).
  • The writer demonstrates strong reading comprehension of his or her three sources (Ch. 1-7).
  • The writer supports his or her thesis with compelling evidence (Ch. 1-8).
  • The writer’s claim and support demonstrate sound reasoning (Ch. 1-8).
  • The writer has a strong, well-supported conclusion (Ch. 1-8).
  • The writer makes his or her claim and supports it with three sources using templates and methods from Chapters 1-8 in They Say, I Say.
  • The writer demonstrates reading comprehension, analysis, and critical thinking.
  • The writer meets the standards for effective communication (clarity, logic, precision, accuracy, significance, and fairness).
  • The writer includes a Works Cited page (NLSH).
  • The writer adheres to MLA style (NLSH).
  • The essay is 900-1100 words.


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