Essay Regarding The Book The Distance Between Us

Based on what youve read regarding immigration trauma, write an essay that examines the lived experiences of the family in The Distance Between Us and of our own communities in light of the effects of immigration trauma.

Your essay should begin with your understanding of immigration trauma.

The second part of your essay should consist of an analysis of at least two Grande family members decisions, behaviors, and outcomes through the lens of immigration trauma. This section should present a list of the effects of immigration trauma as discussed in the PowerPoints and illustrate, with examples from the book, readings and videos, how the family members you chose experience these effects. Do not tell me what happens in the book. Tell me how what happens is an example of the effect of immigration trauma.

Next, discuss how the effects of immigration trauma extend to the larger Latino community. This section should present your understanding of how trauma is transmitted to new generations (becomes transgenerational trauma).

Lastly, discuss how transgenerational trauma can be healed. Use examples from the PowerPoint for Week 4.

500 to 1500 words. 12-point font. Double-spaced. one-inch margins all around. No list of references needed.

See the handout on Blackboard for the structure your essay should follow. Please note, it is not intended for you to fill in the blank. Write a robust essay with fully thought out paragraphs.


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