ethical dilemmas in the work place

The assignment must be written in your own words and address all of the areas described in the outline below. Your submission will be graded on your demonstrated understanding of course material, research depth, and writing quality, including proper documentation of sources. Use the headings to organize your writing.

  • Introduction (due Week 2)
    • Explain why you chose the topic, why the topic is important to you, and why other people should care about it too. Why is this particular topic challenging for a business to deal with? Write a thesis or purpose statement for the entire paper explaining your goal of identifying and analyzing an ethical dilemma in the workplace. Cite at least one source using APA-style documentation.  The length of this task will be two well-developed paragraphs.
  • Case Selection and Conducting Research (due Week 3)
    • Case Selection (Week 3 Discussion): Find a real case based upon the topic you selected. The scenario can be drawn from your own workplace experience or from another employment setting. The case should have occurred within the past few years.
    • State the background of the case including context, its origin, and any other important details. Summarize briefly what happened (the factswho, what, when, where, why, how) (Note: If you choose a case from your personal experience, you may change the names to protect confidentiality.) What is the history of the problem? Who is involved? Is there any missing information?
    • Conducting Research (submit as Word document): Find three high-quality sources related to your topic and case.  Summarize each source in a well developed paragraph, and explain the relevance of each source to your topic.
  • Ethical Dilemma (due Week 4)
    • Make an initial estimation of the ethical dilemma present, that is, what the core issues are. What is the main ethical conflict or problem? This section should also be approximately one page long.
  • Application of Ethical Theory (due Week 4)
    • Use at least three ethical theories (Kant’s deontological theory, John Stuart Mill’s teleological theory/utilitarianism/consequentialism, Aristotle’s virtue-based approach, John Rawl’s theory of justice, or your own theory) to analyze and resolve the problem. How would each ethicist explain the ethical problem and resolve it? This section should be at least two pages.  Use section headings to identify each of the three theories.
  • Application of the Law (due Week 5)
    • In the Week 5 discussion, identify the legal issues (e.g., specific laws or rules) that were violated or that arose or that could have been invoked (e.g., a professional code or workplace standards or employee code of conduct). Name or list specific laws or codes that apply to the case. Cite at least two legal articles using APA format.  Provide peer reviews to at least two other students following the directions provided in the discussion prompt.
  • Potential Solutions and Impacts (due Week 6)
    • Analyze the efforts being made by those in the profession to resolve the dilemma (rules, standards, codes of conduct, laws, etc.). Consider the likely impacts of various solutions. What are the outcomes of each solution? Who (e.g., stakeholders) will the solution affect? How will each solution harm or help people? Explain any totally unacceptable solutions. This section should be at least one page.
  • Decision (with all the elements from prior weeks due Week 7)
    • Make a decision about what should be done. State your decision clearly, including why it is best. Justify it and defend it against criticism. How will you carry it out? Who will object to the decision? What are the weaknesses of the decision? How will you defend the decision? Explain how you would solve the problem and whether your solution is ethical and legal. This section should be at least two pages.
    • The decision will be combined with all of the previous weeks’ assignments into one final paper.  Use section headings to show where each section begins and ends.


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