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What Do I Think About this Course?

In the Module 4 Reflective Discussion, please reflect on everything you have learned in this course, by addressing the following:

Paragraphs 1-3:

Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and discuss three important concepts applicable to your work experience, profession, and/or career plans for the future. Describe how each applies.

Paragraph 4:

What part of the course (background materials, assignments, and so forth) helped to shape, reshape, or solidify your views on the following: Does ethics matter?

Note: No outside research or citations are needed with your four paragraphs to the Reflective Discussion. Also, no responses to your peers’ posts are needed.

Note: My occupation is Military (Army)

Note: Attached are a few assignment readings to help with the reflection post.




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Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility (n.d.). Retrieved from 

An online magazine published quarterly since 1987 to promote ethical business practices, to serve that growing community of professionals and individuals striving to work and invest in responsible ways.

Corporate Responsibility Magazine (2019). 100 best corporate citizens, 2019. Retrieved from 

Corporate Responsibility Magazine (n.d.). Retrieved from 

This online magazine strives to provide corporate responsibility, sustainability and communications professionals a vibrant peer-to-peer network, actionable best practices and thought leadership, effective learning and professional development, and essential resources and tools.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Leadership (n.d.). Retrieved from


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