Evaluating and Reviewing

Discussion 3- Evaluating and Reviewing

This is a two part assignment. Each part is worth 50% of the total grade.

Having read the guidelines for the writing an evaluation essay and completed the readings in the module, create a thread of 250-350 words in this forum that states your proposed essay topic. In the thread be sure to include:

  1. the specific subject you intend to evaluate and review.
  2. your intended audience and why your review would be useful for the audience.
  3. at least three criteria that you intend to use to evaluate your subject.

This posting is due by Feb. 23 and is worth 50% of the grade. (No late post will receive credit)

Also, respond to two of your peers’ postings. These responses are to be between 200-300 words in length as well and should include either additional criteria that could be useful to the stated audience (with specific details of support) and/or a different audience that the review may be particularly useful for (and justification as to why). These two postings are due by Feb. 25 and combined are worth 50% of the grade of the assignment.


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