evaluation essay

 Evaluation Assignment

The goal of an evaluation is to determine if something is “good” or not. This is usually done to establish whether or not a product is worth the cost that it is being sold for, although it can also be used for establishing the quality of work done by an employee or student. You will be formally evaluating a product that costs $50 or more.


This assignment requires two steps before beginning your analysis: establishing the product category and choosing the criteria used to judge the product. Establishing the category is important because you want your reader to clearly understand how you view the product, and you want your criteria to reflect that category. For example, the criteria by which you judge a truck will be different than the ones you judge any motor vehicle by. Being clear and specific about the category will help you communicate your perspective and purpose to the audience, and will help you remain impartial as you judge the product.


Your audience will consist of your scholarly peers whom you may assume are also interested in purchasing the same type of item that you are evaluating.


Your evaluation will begin by establishing what product is being evaluated, how much the product costs, what one category you consider the product to be a part of, and what three criteria you will be evaluating the product on. 

Each paragraph should address one criteria each, establishing the idea for each criteria before judging the product. 

Finally, you will want to conclude with a judgement about whether or not the product is worth the cost. 

A few questions you may consider as you craft your essay:

• What kind of questions do I usually ask before purchasing this kind of product?
• What would a perfect example of this kind of product be like?
• Are all of my criteria appropriate for the same category?
• Are my criteria the best choice for judging this product?
• Am I biased towards or against this brand?


Step One – a one page rough draft due in Lesson 4 that includes:

• A thesis statement
• Three topic sentences
• One fully developed body paragraph.

Step Two – a peer review of a classmates rough draft due in Lesson 5

Step Three – a final draft due in Lesson 6 and written in an elevated and sophisticated style that makes use of correct grammar and usage.  You should make sure to make a clear and precise argument as you evaluate the chosen product.

Specific guidelines for this assignment are:

• Clear introduction and conclusion.
• Structure the essay around the three chosen criteria.
• Conclude with a judgement about the value of the product.
• Adherence to MLA format (including in-text citations and Works Cited page).
• Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
• 2-4 pages in length.


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