Evaluation Program (Course is Public Health PROGRAM PLANNING & EVALUATION)

 The most well-known public health program is HealthyPeople 2020, which is an initiative to increase the health and wellness ofAmericans. It has a ten-year agenda with a framework of goals and objectives tobe met in 2020. Other organizations have also adopted some of the philosophy ofthis initiative, and they have established programs that are relevant for theirtarget population to increase health and wellness for their population. Theframework is unique and it has become the development framework for states.

Inpublic health program evaluation, there are many essential components andcontributions relating to evaluation, such as using the logic model tounderstand the goals, measurable objectives, and related activities of theprogram, and for establishing the outcomes for the program.

THEparticular health issue OF PREDIABETS AND DIABETES PREVENTION ARE to act as amain theme or topic AND as your focus for this assignment.

ASSIGNMENT:   write a 35-page paper. Select 5 scholarly references to use insupport of your response.

Respond to the following:

Selecta public health evaluation program. You may use the Healthy People 2020Initiatives, OR ANY DIABETES PREVENTION PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM

Analyzethe selected program by explaining the purpose of the program and background;the goals, measurable objectives, related activities; and the establishedoutcomes for the program.-  KEEP IN MINDTHAT THE ANSWERS SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH PREDIABETES OR DIABETESPREVENTION!!!!

Examinethe funding streams or vehicles for this program.

Explainhow the findings of the program evaluation may be used to change a disease orpublic health issue.

Give reasons and examplesin support of your responses!!!  MUST HAVE FULL INTRO AND CONCLUSION.



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