Evidence Analysis

In no more than 400 words, you’ll seek to respond to the following question:
  • How does the author use logos/ethos/pathos/kairos to evaluate the appropriate type of evidence to persuade the audience in the article "Narrative Agency in Hashtag Activism_ The Case of #BlackLivesMatter?"

  • That is, what choices does the author make to help the reader do what the author seeks?
  • Note: the key difference between a summary and an analysis is a clear thesis statement. Your thesis statement should work to answer the question above. A summary simply creates an inventory of the elements within a text, whereas an analysis explains them. If you claim, "the author uses emotion to appeal to their audience, and therefore, employs antecdotes and scenarios," you must explain how the author does that and why.

Your final draft should do the following:

  1. Discuss at least 1 different rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos, kairos), 2 types of evidence, give at least 1 example for each type of evidence noted, and explain how the appeals/evidence function in the text. NOTE: Rhetorical summaries inventory the appeals; rhetorical analyses explain their function! 
  2. Answer the correct prompt in two double-spaced paragraphs
  3. Include an arguable, controlling thesis statement/topic sentence that responds directly to the prompt and includes the author and title of the work
  4. Respond to all elements of the prompt
  5. Properly cite (MLA) and quote any words/phrases that are not your own.
  6. Do not rely heavily upon quotes for required information (and always remember to introduce/integrate quotes)
  7. Use at least 6 sentences
  8. Fall between 250 and 350 words. REMEMBER: Concision and efficiency is your goal here. 


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