EVR 1001 FIU Introduction to Environmental Science Review Papers

Assignment 1

This assignment is related to the Chapter 1 material. Please complete the ecological footprint exercise , at the following website: http://www.footprintnetwork.org (please do all the “add details to improve accuracy” options…this will make sense once you enter the website). If it doesn’t open up directly here, cut and paste the URL in a new browser window. Please note you will need to use your email address to access the online game.

Once you have completed the online exercise/game, I need you to: 1) submit to me the total number of planets it takes to support a world population of people like you, who make your lifestyle choices (one complete sentence), 2) share with me one point from the website that surprised you or that made you want to change your behavior/choice in life (one-two sentences), and 3) Based on the World Population video within the Chapter 1 () folder, include a paragraph here summarizing the video and providing your thoughts/opinion of the video (paragraph must be 5 or more sentences long). All of this is due to me as a Word attachment by the due date posted on the syllabus. Simply click on this link in the folder (the title) and a window will open up where you can submit your work. Remember to spell check and grammar check, as you will loose points if the work has errors, and make sure to address all three components above for full credit. Don’t miss the deadline; no late work is accepted (no excuses).


Assignment 2

chose one of the following environmental leaders that interests you for this discussion: John James Audubon, Henry David Thoreau, or George Perkins Marsh.

Now, do some research and report in your posting the following information (as a minimum; preferrably in an essay type format or you can do it in Word as an attachment or PowerPoint as an attachment…how ever you are most comfortable):

o Name of person and at least one photograph (more is better and don’t use the one from the book)

o Year they were born and year they died (or state…still living)

o Profession (career or job)

o Focus of their environmental concern (what they cared about)

o Great achievements (could include an activity, a policy they created, a book they wrote (maybe include a cover image), etc.) Name at least 3. Also, state what we can learn from them or their example.

o Famous quote (at least one)

Cite all of your sources using APA format as specified in the syllabus. This includes in-text citations and a reference page at the end.

Assignment 3

please make sure to watch the video on Why Bees are Disappearing. You are to summarize the video in two paragraphs. Paragraph one should list the threats, and paragraph two should list the solutions. Please make sure to carefully create your two paragraph summary, meaning there should be a title, proper topic sentences for each paragraph, perfect spelling and grammar, and an APA citation at the end referring to the source of your information for the summary. Submit this as a Word document https://www.ted.com/talks/marla_spivak_why_bees_ar…

Assignment 4

Read the article titled: “The Tragedy of the Commons” by Garret Hardin written in 1968, that is available in the chapter 11 lesson folder. Please read the article in its entirety before posting to this area: a) Submit a post describing the article by identifying the fundamental concepts and how the information can be applied to the material learned in class or to a personal experience/knowledge.

Assignment 5

In Chapter 14 there was a video link for “The Future of Food”. After watching it in its entirety please complete this post. Summarize the movie and includes your personal thoughts on the future of food, what you will eat, and how the movie impacted you.

( some of the video because i cannot send the link then you could just make it sound good)


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