FCS 019 Evergreen Valley College Sugar The Bitter Truth Video Discussion

Macro-nutrient Self Study Assignment:


  • To assess your diet for the Macronutrient intake of Carbohydrates
  • Use: Livestrong.com – website and your textbook
  • You have entered all your food items for three consecutive days.
  • Go to livestrong.com
    • To answer all of the other questions, go to the Exported Data.
      • Enter the date range of the three days you entered food. Enter the dates, click on “Detailed” and “Print”.Then “Export” the report. This is what you submitted for the Meal Summary, you do not need to submit again.


Analysis of Reports

Answer questions below for Carbohydrates use the outline format to answer the questions. This makes it easier for me to know when you are answering each specific question. However, use complete sentences when required, (not just “yes” or “no” responses to the question or listing a percent to answer) and use 12-point font, and double space typed answers. If you are not using this form, you cannot just answer the questions, you must first retype the question, then answer.

Handwritten answers will receive a zero – you must type the response.When typing your response, do not use “carbs”, you must use “carbohydrates”.

REMBER: In order to get the requested averages, you need to add up each day and divide by the number of days.

Carbohydrate ( points)

  1. What is your Total sugar intake in grams (See complete report in Livestrong.com (what you submitted for the Meal Summary) for the 3 days)? (3 points)

Day 1_______________________

Day 2_______________________

Day 3_______________________

3 Day Average:_______________________

  • Identify your foods over the 3 days that had sugar. List some of the highest sources of sugars and added sugars – determine if any were “added” during the processing of the food product. Identify if the sugar is added or natural or both.See Livestrong.com (4 points)
  • How does your fiber intake compare to your specific recommendation (See complete report in Livestrong.com (what you submitted for the Meal Summary) for the 3 days)?(3 points)



Grams of Sugar

Natural, added or both

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 1_______________________

Day 2_______________________

Day 3_______________________

Your 3 Day Average:_______________________

  1. How does your Fiber intake compare to the recommendations (see textbook) (what is the recommendation) what is your average?(2 points)
  1. List foods that were high in fiber each day.List foods you could eat to increase your fiber intake. See livestrong.com (4 points)



Grams of Fiber

Foods (more than 2) you could eat to increase fiber intake.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

  1. Evaluating your diet for carbohydrates, what habits should you continue doing, or what should you change? You must list specific food examples when giving foods to add fiber or reduce sugars. Look at the various sources of Carbohydrate. (4 points)

Extra Credit: Is this Sugar contributing to a lot of your kcalories?What is the % of sugars in your diet – you must show the math to determine this (to get the extra credit).(5 extra credit points possible)

  • Take your grams of total sugar, turn into calories by multiplying by the factor of grams of energy from carbohydrate.
  • Divide by the total number of calories from sugar by your total calories
  • Multiply by 100 to get the % of calories in your diet from sugar.
  • Discuss if this is adding a lot of calories in your diet.


Watch this video

After watching the video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”. Has it changed the way you think about the sugar you intake, and what changes are you planning to make?

Write and upload a minimum 500 – word paper evaluate the video, include the recommendations in the video and how you can change your diet to avoid the problems associated with sugar in your diet.

Put a word count at the end of your assignment.


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