Film 1

Watch ONE of the following films:

  1. Fork Over Knives (2011)
  2. Fed Up (2014 w/ Katie Curic)

Provide short response answers to each of the three survey questions.

This is in lieu of writing a formal paper however, be articulate and integrate course content when possible.

Question 1

State whether you watched FOK or Fed-Up.

Describe your personal reaction to the information presented . 

Question 2

Given the film’s intention, do you feel the message was successfully persuasive or did it "turn off" the audience?   Explain and support your opinion using academic content (e.g., textbook, lecture, supplemental reading or videos).

Question 3

From when these films were released (six to ten years ago) until now, how do you feel the message most relevant to the American public has changed?


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