Film Critque: Seasons of Navajo

Film Critique Guidelines – North American IndiansPapers responses should be 3 pages long. They should be typed and double spaced. 12 point Times New Roman, 1 inch margins on all sides.Watch the film and film events through the lens of indigenous concepts we have discussed in course materials. Relate the film’s situations or messages to the course readings and concepts and to situations in the real world. How do these issues in the films and readings fit into the broader society and its perspectives and conditions.Notice if there are any cinematic tools that indicate bias. Pay attention to language and assumptions made in the films and readings. How do these assumptions differ from mainstream presentations of these issues?Discuss how the films and the readings interact. Do they cover the same topics with similar perspectives? Conflicting perspectives? Simply different perspectives? Do they cover different but related topics?In your paper, include your reflections and reactions to the events and ideas in the films and readings.

link to the movie:


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