Final Reflection paper


Read the following scenario and answer the questions below.
Apply what you have learned during this Geriatric course. Be as honest as possible. Your answers will not be shared.
Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length.
Due to the reflective nature of the assignment, APA is not required.
You are driving on a one-lane road to school for your 2:00 pm class, and the two vehicles in front of you are driving at a speed of about 20-25 miles/hour. The speed limit is 45 miles/hour. You notice that both cars are being driven by older individuals.
Are you angry or annoyed that these cars are being driven so slow? And Why?
Do you wish that the cars were off the road? And Why?
How do you feel about driving fast past them? And Why?
Would you honk your horn as you pass the cars? Why?
Reflect on how your answers have changed from the beginning to the end of this course.


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