Find a specific war happening in a country, make up an interviewer and interviewee, write interview questions and answer interview questions.

Detail See Interview file, look at student example if you don’t understand format.
You need to have:
I developed 8+higher-level thinking interview questions to guide my inquiry 
 I gave an insightful/detailed interviewees explanation exploring a cultural perspective on war experiences  
I have followed interview structure, including font, style and introduction, organizing it to ensure clarity and understanding of the reader 
I have written complete sentences and paragraph responses with clear spelling, grammar and punctuation (0 spelling/grammar mistakes)   
I have used my research to create a believable/realistic character that includes language, slang/local vocabulary and details. A high degree of indirect characterization has been used  
I have integrated 4+ unique quotations 
I properly MLA cited my research both in text and in works cited page


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