Blooms Flipsnack Project

You may work individually or in small groups of two or three to create an 8-page publication using the technology tool called . Add the names of all group members to the cover page and each person submits the assignment to canvas.

When making a , create each page of the book in a program, such as Word, that exports to a PDF.
Directions on   
Viewed tutorial on how to use FlipSnack and share it. 

Your publication must follow the sequence below:  

Page 1 Brief Explanation as to why Bloom’s Taxonomy is needed.

Page 2- Remembering

Page 3 – Understanding

Page 4 – Applying

Page 5 – Analyzing

Page 6 – Evaluating

Page 7 Creating

Page 8- Reference


Each page must exemplify a level of Blooms Taxonomy for the cognitive domain. 

Each page must include the following items:

Title: The Blooms level 
Definition: Define the level in your own words. Include why understanding Maslow must come before achieving Blooms 
Image: An image or icon that represents the level from your viewpoint. (For example, when I think about the level of understanding I think of a lightbulb)  
Probing Questions: Correlating probing questions that align with each level. You may need to research this section of the assignment.  If you do, cite your references in APA 7th Edition.

Student Activity:

Include 2 student activity examples that align with your content area. You are welcome to use an example of student activities or assessments that you find on the internet. If you find one on the internet, please make sure to cite the reference in APA 7th Edition. 



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