Florida Gulf Coast University Director of Health Information Management Case Study

You are the Director of Health Information Management at a 100-bed acute care hospital. The community is experiencing economic changes due to a large factory shutting down, which has impacted some of your employees and their families. Administration has informed you that you must eliminate one full-time equivalent from your staff and pay rates have been frozen, so raises will not be awarded this year. Because of these changes, morale in your department has decreased slightly. Your department is composed of long-term employees who are generally satisfied with the work environment, so you want to do what you can to retain them and keep them motivated to continue working in your area.

Sarah is a coder who lives an hour away from work and is concerned with increasing cost of gasoline, especially since her husband lost his job with the factory closure. The Release of Information Coordinator, David, is an RHIT, who is in school pursuing a bachelor’s degree so he can become an RHIA, but the classes in the upcoming semester are scheduled when he works. Janet and Ellen are full-time scanning quality reviewers, who both have young children in daycare and have expressed an interest in cutting their hours to spend more time home with their children and save money on daycare. The facility has finally made the transition from hybrid records that are mostly scanned documents to an electronic health record with a small hybrid component of a few scanned documents.


Develop a plan to address employee needs and changes in tasks that will be needed as the facility moves to electronic health records.

Outline administrative changes that will be needed as the facility moves to electronic health records.

Describe how you plan to address decreased morale related to the economy and pay rate freeze.


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