Frankenstein Genre Essay


Students will review the meaning of literary genre and the benefits of multi-genre fiction.
Students will prepare for their 800-1,000 word essay on Frankenstein and genre.

Assignment Introduction

As you read the novel Frankenstein, you will be keeping track of genre for your module essay.

Fictional works do not have to fit into only one genre! You may have noticed the multi-genre trend in many contemporary films and shows: mystery with romance, horror with comedy, fantasy with western, dystopian with action, etc. These unique blends of genres ensure that the stories stay fresh and exciting.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is an excellent early example of a novel that spans multiple genres. The genres show up in a variety of ways in the novel, such as dialogue, descriptions, themes, and plot.

Assignment Details

For this 800-1,000 word analytical essay, you will research and discuss the ways that Frankenstein fits within one of the following genres:

  • Science fiction
  • Gothic fiction
  • Tragedy

First, you will find two (2) scholarly sources that describe your chosen literary genre in detail. As you read Frankenstein, you will keep track of the ways that the novel fits into that genre.

Your final essay will contain an introductionconclusion, and 3-5 main points. Each main point will:

  • Introduce a key element of the genre, using one of your scholarly sources
  • Give several examples (summary, paraphrase, or direct quotation) from Frankenstein that fulfill that element

Remember, these elements can be anything from plot to themes to literary style. For example, one classic element of Gothic fiction is the inclusion of supernatural experiences: does Frankenstein fulfill this element? One element of a tragedy is the pride of the hero: does Frankenstein fulfill this element?


  • 800-1,000 word analytical essay

  • Introduction to the genre and Frankenstein, ending in a thesis statement

  • 3-5 main points: each main point introduces a key element in the genre and illustrates how Frankenstein fulfills that element

  • Conclusion that restates main points

  • Works cited page that includes at least 2 scholarly sources and the novel Frankenstein


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