Future Predictions Essay

Students will write a 3-4 page essay (12 pt font, double-spaced, Times New Roman) that makes two or three predictions about what the world will be like in the year 2120. Predictions can center around culture, philosophy, society, technology, economics, or the biosphere, and the predictions should be based on what you think might happen, not what you think should happen. Predictions can be big or small, but they must be supported by scholarly evidence.

A major focus of this paper is the ability to use scholarly evidence to support specific claims. Students must also address one or two counterarguments for their claims. A successful essay follows the major conventions of the academic research essay around key terms, thesis statements, topic sentences, in-text citations, and works cited pages. Word count does not include the works cited page. In this case, a good essay uses a neutral tone when describing what might happen in the future; if you have strong feelings about one of your predictions, you should not reveal those feelings to your audience using loaded or combative language. 
Essays should avoid common political talking points, which tend to simplify issues. Students may not write about marijuana legalization, gun legislation, abortion, Covid-19, Joe Biden (or his family), or Donald Trump (or his family). The reason for this is fairly basic: people often have prepackaged ideas about these topics, and the goal of this essay is to think outside the box and do some exploratory research. Please also avoid prophecies from astrology, religion, or crypto-archeology, which are not a good fit for this assignment. Remember that this assignment is basically a thought experiment, not a manifesto or political polemic, so try to keep it light and fun.
Students should use the Ferris library website as their primary search engine. Students may not cite from dot com, dot net, or dot org websites. Page count does not include the works cited page. 
Citations must come from https://www.ferris.edu/library/homepage.htm


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