GCCCD African American Revolution Discussion

Please read the file I have attached down below and briefly answer the questions I have provided in at least 350 words.

After reading about the American Revolution in the document, also read the information in the embedded links about the role of African Americans (Links to an external site.) in the American revolution. What contributions did they make (Links to an external site.) and why did they engage in the revolution. When you think about the ideals of the Declaration of Independence (Links to an external site.), how is it possible to make sense of slavery? Also, please listen to Frederick Douglas’ speech (Links to an external site.) on the 4th of July, as read by his descendants as we think about equality, equity, and race.

please make sure you included quotes from the chapter to support your answers and cite material. Please please use your own words And make sure you come u with answers from the chapter. I am looking for at least 350 words for your main entry.


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