Generativity Research and Self-Assessment

Create a Generativity PowerPoint
Assume you have been chosen to present the impact of generativity on life satisfaction at a Psychology convention (you will be presenting to your classmates). You will need to complete the following:
Prepare a 7-10-minute presentation on generativity. Your presentation should include some form of visual (Poster, PowerPoint, etc.). Note: Be sure to have an outline to follow
Your presentation should include:
Define generativity in your own words.
Some generativity theories and theorist you like the most (e.g. Erikson, Logan, McAdams)
Describe how personality contributes to generativity
Describe how gender roles contribute to generativity.
Explain how/what actions you can take increase/maintain generativity. (I will add my own actions to this list if you would just do an outline)
Include any other information you find relevant or that might benefit your classmates
Include a Q&A segment

I ONLY NEED A PP AND SPEAKER NOTES (preferably 7 to 10 minutes in length)


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