Georgia State University Health Security Capacity Summary and Presentation

Each student is responsible for presenting a five-minute summary of the evaluation research article he/she reviewed using an ignite format. Students should highlight 3 key points of the program evaluation article review. A one-page outline of your presentation must also be prepared and submitted with your presentation file (submitted via iCollege dropbox). Due dates and details of the submission process are provided within the iCollege assignment dropbox. The purpose of this activity is for you to become familiar with presenting to your peers as well as to evaluate the student’s mastery of assessing evaluation reports in relation to their quality, utility, and contributions to public health research and practice. (competency MPH HPMB 9).

Two defining characteristics of IGNITE PRESENTATIONS are a 5-minute limit and a focus on 3 highlights within your presentation. In this case, highlight ONLY 3 CONCEPTS from your selected evaluation research article. It will be up to you to determine the 3 main points as they relate to course content.……


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