Grand Canyon University Education & Teaching Good Instructional Methods Paper

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Final Assessment-Part One: “You Teach Me!”

We have covered A LOT of information in a short period of time over the last 8-weeks. I hope that you have found this course to be meaningful whether you are currently working as an educator, plan to in the future, or just learned more about how we develop as learners!

As a way to close out this course, I would like for you to illustrate what you have learned in this course by having you “teach” me.

First Step: Determine your audience

You get to determine who I am as a student. (e.g. I can be a 2 y/o in your pre-school class, a 13 y/o in your 8th grade class, a college student, an 8 y/o old student with with autism, etc….you get to create my student profile). Be detailed!

Second Step: Determine your content

You decide what you would like for me to learn (e.g. maybe you want me to know multiplication tables, or how to interact with diverse students, or ways to understand the branches of government, or a topic you have learned in this class…you pick).

Third Step: Determine your instructional method

You determine how I might best learn what you hope to teach me based on what you now know about how I learn. This means you will likely consider:

-developmental considerations

-theoretical approaches (e.g. Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Kholberg)

-instructional strategies & approach

Explain your thought process behind the instructional method you select and what factors you took in to consideration.

The format of this assignment is up to you. You can submit it in a word document, you can choose to do a power point slide, a prezi, a tik tok, etc. Creativity is always welcome here!

Final Project Rubric-“You Teach Me!”


Information to Include


First Step: Determine who your audience is

A detailed student profile

10 pts.

Second Step: Determine your content

A description of the material you plan to teach

15 pts.

Third Step: Determine your instructional method

An Identification of the instructional method you will use to teach the material

An explanation of why you chose this method and what factors you considered

25 pts.


50 pts


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