great power politics

2.1 Exam question: The exam will be on John Mearsheimers The Tragedy of Great Power Politics(excluding Chapter 10). Write up an essay that addresses the following 5 tasks: 

a) Specify and elaborate the central theoretical argument advanced by Mearsheimer, as well as sub- arguments (the central theoretical argument may be supported by and/or divided into, sub- arguments [they are also theoretical arguments]). In order words, clarify the system of theory advanced in the book. If there are any qualifications, assumptions, and limited conditions acknowledged by Mearscheimer, make sure you include them in your essay. 
b) Likewise, specify and elaborate how the entire book is organized as Mearsheimers system of11 articulating theoretical arguments. 
c) Specify and explain Mearsheimers key concepts relevant to the central argument (and the sub- arguments). 
d) Specify the empirical evidence Mearsheimer uses to back up his theoretical arguments. 
e) After identifying these key aspects of the book, present your own criticisms in a systematic way. 
2.2 Format:Your take-home exam must consist of the following parts: 
a) a title page (1 page), with your name and student number, as well as the course number; and 
b) a double-spaced, 12-page or longer text (use headings for better readability).
 *Your take-home exam must be word-processed with standard fonts and margins (Times New Roman, size 12, and app. 1-inch margins). Be aware that the format of your take-home exam (i.e., following the instruction properly), as well as the exams content and your writing skills, is assessed. Keep a copy of the exam with you. 
*Refer specific pages when necessary. You can do so by using a parenthesise.g., (p. 24).


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