Greeting ET essay


Suggested length: 2 pages. Double spaced, 12 font.

Part One: Write a one-paragraph summary of Steven Johnson’s essay, “Greetings, E.T. (Please Don’t Murder Us) following the guidelines we’ve reviewed and practiced in class.
A clear and concise first sentence that includes the author’s name, the essay’s title and the main idea of the essay.
2-3 major supporting ideas to show how the author builds his argument
At least two quotes from the text
No personal opinions (yet)
a final sentence that includes the author’s purpose for writing
Part Two: Write a one-paragraph response to Johnson’s ideas. Answer at least two of the questions posed in his essay. Use the ideas he presents as a spring board for your own discussion about our communication with other civilizations in the universe.
A creative, descriptive and thoughtful response to the ideas and debate presented in Johnson’s essay.
Please do not include any other sources in this essay, so you don’t need a Works Cited page.
Follow the models provided in the previous handouts on summaries to guide your own quoting format and style.


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